Greenscapes Neutral Cleaner

CONCENTRATED NEUTRAL CLEANER is a concentrated neutral cleaner and degreaser. Recognized under the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE)Formulator Program. Favorable environmental profile. Use as directed for tough cleaning jobs and also for general purpose cleaning. Biodegradable in hard or soft water. Dilution with cold water conserves energy. Designed for use on floors, walls, tile, terrazzo, concrete, woodwork, enamel, porcelain, windows and metal surfaces. Removes grease,grime, oil, food stains, dirt, lipstick, black heel marks, carbon, soot and soap scum.

# 4x1 gallons, 5/6 gallon pails, 20,35,55 gallon drums # H-0,F-0,R-0,P-A

Quest Chemical Corporation
Quest Chemical Corporation
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